OPERA-RE Network

The OPERA-RE network, founded in 2016, operates throughout Italy and internationally and includes 20 production plants for a total of over 76,000 square meters of covered area, 463 employees and approximately 160 million euros invoiced.

The signatories, insofar as they are aware of their potential, become the motor behind an integrated design, aimed at identifying all those initiatives that best interpret the demand of their specific development on the local and international markets.

The Network works to promote initiatives aimed at developing the Network itself and its components, with the responsibility to define concrete projects to promote and invest in innovation. A specific goal to become a reference point for each client, each collaborator, and each employee. Opening up to new realities, sharing ideas and projects, growing in its own knowledge to reach new heights and new success.

The Businesses of the Network carry out their activities and services in design, construction, coordination and creation, principally in the following sectors: electrical, plumbing and aeraulic engineering, wellbeing, alternative solar ad geothermal energy, heating and cooling, fire-resistant materials and covers, purification of water, waste and the environment, supply and set up in construction, in renovations, in redevelopment of the territory for industries, private individuals, public associations and international organisations.

The Network works as a leader in the national and international panorama with authority, strength and the benefit of a well-established group.

A reality that is continual expansion.


  • Alpilegno
  • Amethyst
  • Blue Magic
  • Caldaie Melgari
  • Fairwind
  • Fapes
  • Ferrania Solis
  • Giuliani
  • Inklima
  • KM Impianti
  • Miatello
  • Modular System
  • ON Energy Project
  • Safety & Privacy
  • Simtech
  • Veronesi - Divisione AeraulicaVeronesi - Divisione Delvem
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